Flavored Olive Oil





These olive oils are infused naturally to create these amazing flavors being offered. There are NO artificial flavors being used in the process!!

Blood Orange Olive Oil - California   Add to Basket
Blood oranges combined with extra virgin olive oil creates this unique aromatic olive oil. Superb citrus flavor! Pair with Traditional or Tangerine Balsamic for an absolutely amazing vinaigrette or marinade for fish or chicken. Our most popular flavored EVOO...you'll love it!


Meyer Lemon Olive Oil - California   Add to Basket
Meyer Lemons are pressed with olives to produce this oil with a bright, fresh lemon flavor. This oil makes an excellent base for vinaigrettes and is perfect with all seafood/fish. It is a favorite paired with Raspberry or Pomegranate Balsamic.  

Persian Lime Olive Oil - California   Add to Basket
Sweet Persian Limes is combined with an extra virgin olive oil to create a unique citrus flavor profile. The smooth and buttery characteristics of the oil are perfectly complimented by the flavor of fresh sweet limes. Pair it with our Strawberry Balsamic to produce a "Strawberry Daiquiri" vinaigrette that is made for summer salads!

Citrus Blend Olive Oil - California   Add to Basket
Perfect Blend of Orange, Lemon and Lime Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Pairs well with 18 year aged balsamic or any citrus based balsamic. Fresh fruit flavors...versatile and tasty. 

Tuscan Herb Olive Oil - Italy   Add to Basket
A fine Oil with delicious herbs (Garlic, Rosemary, Basil, and Oregano) creating the perfect oil for bread dipping, finishing pasta and salads. Pair with Blackberry Oregano Organic Vinegar...Delicious! 

Rosemary Olive Oil - California   Add to Basket
Amazing rosemary flavor! It is great tossed with pasta, on salads, as a sandwich spread, for bread dipping and in marinades. 

Garlic Mushroom Olive Oil - California   SOLD OUT Add to Basket
SOLD OUT...Garlic Mushroom delivers the earthy, full bodied aroma and taste of two favorites. Add to meats, veggies, potatoes, sauces and marinades. 

Roasted Garlic Olive Oil - California   Add to Basket
The rich taste and flavor resembles slow roasted garlic. This flavored olive oil made by mixing extra virgin olive oil with oil distilled from garlic has many uses. Great with pasta, salads, bread dipping or as a marinade. Adds that rich and fragrant roasted garlic quality.  

Basil Olive Oil - California   Add to Basket
Superb flavor comes from adding oil distilled from basil and extra virgin olive oil. Ideal with pasta, salad greens, bread dipping and in sauces. Pair it with our Oregano Balsamic for the perfect caprese salad. 

Shallot EVOO from - California   Add to Basket
The savory essence of scallions & fresh olive oil produces a delicious sweet onion flavor. Excellent as a herbaceous vinaigrette, in stews, soups, or for basting. Great on roasted veggies and potatoes or simply to saute veggies...subtle flavor without being overpowering. Pair with Garlic Cilantro Balsamic!

Chipotle Olive Oil - California   Add to Basket
A delicious smoked chipotle pepper olive oil that adds a smoky spicy flavor to any grilled or barbequed meat. Great for creating spicy marinades or giving heat to sauces and dips. Especially tasty for Tex-Mex dishes. Chicken, Beef, Pork...Fajitas!! 

Jalapeño Olive Oil - California   Add to Basket
The distinctive flavor of Jalapeño peppers with a slight smokiness and a nice touch of spiciness. Excellent for grilled and barbecued meats or for adding a little heat to marinades, sauces and dips. 

Habanaro Olive Oil - California   Add to Basket
Made by sending fresh Habanero Peppers with the olives through the presses. If you like it hot, look no further than Oliver's new Habanero Olive Oil. Trust us, it is HOT and it is delicious. Hot enough for Habanero fans!!!

Butter Olive Oil - California   Add to Basket
The rich and creamy flavor of butter with all the health benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil!! Use this delicious and healthy oil instead of butter or margarine. Great on potatoes, rice, pasta, veggies, as a bread dipper or use when baking. Amazing true butter flavor!!